Our Mission, vision & values



With more than forty years of experience in manufacturing paints and adhesives, we developed and introduced many products to the market, we want our valued customers to be satisfied and happy with their choice.

We do our best to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty, and ensure that their expectations are met by providing them:

  • A high quality product and service.
  • A product with a reasonable price compared to its durability.
  • A product that is almost available in all Kuwait markets and easy to get.
  • A wide selection of products to help them get what they need.

We look forward to apply the latest technology to produce more cleaner and safer products for the consumer, the employee and the environment. We also want to expand more in the wider Gulf region.


Developing and having a well-branded products requires a lot of time and effort. The main factor of GTC’s brand value is the trust of consumers to it’s products, services and after sales services.

The company has always make sure that it products are well manufactured, and that their customers requests are precisely fulfilled.

For GTC, social responsibility goes hand in hand with commercial success. It is proud of the communities in which it operates and is committed to helping them build for the future. Through a number of businesses, programs and contributions GTC aims to share its success, care for those in needs and help provide opportunity for future generations.

The company embraces qualities like integrity, insight and innovation that drive it forward, not only as a business, but also as a responsible member of all the communities in which it operates.